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(01)The Challenge

A wonderful source of medical and wellness information for soon-to-be parents at Boston Medical Center was the printed “Hey Mama” booklet, available in English and Spanish. Although popular among both providers and patients, the booklet had several limitations. It was expensive and time-consuming to print and distribute to several locations, and it was difficult to keep up to date for multiple languages. Additionally, expecting mothers preferred the ease of accessing information online. Fast Forward was tasked with delivering a solution that would address these issues and provide real-time, easily accessible, and inclusive content for the BMC community.

A series of screens from the "Hey Mama" app: the loading screen, the Baby Book, and the home screen. The home screen includes information for the current week of pregnancy. The Baby Book includes more in depth information on multiple topics.

(02)The Solution

Fast Forward developed a mobile application for iOS and Android devices that replaced the need for the printed booklet. Informational articles and essential guidance could be quickly updated and released by the hospital through a user-friendly content management system. The multilingual app included relevant information such as a detailed pregnancy guide, clinical advice, and tips tailored to each stage of pregnancy. We created a simple and secure system that customized the app based on the baby’s expected due date. Our team developed streamlined ways to let patients navigate the hospital campus and contact their care team easily through the app. Similarly, we built a push notification system that allowed providers to send real-time updates directly to their patients. Because patients had shared their due date in a secure manner, these notices could be customized to specific pregnancy milestones or serve a more general purpose.

The "Hey Mama" app running on an iPad in landscape mode as a user browses information in the Baby Book section.
A series of screenshots which show the app localized into Spanish.

(03)The Results

The multilingual application developed by Fast Forward yielded several positive outcomes. Hey Mama became a valuable resource for BMC patients, offering them accessible, inclusive, and up-to-date information throughout their pregnancy that catered to their specific needs. The content management system allows BMC to easily update and manage the app’s content in real-time, ensuring that they are providing patients with the latest information and guidance. Push notifications became the most efficient way to message the community quickly, in particular, during recent health emergencies. The Hey Mama application has become an invaluable tool for BMC and is now used to provide all expectant families with vital information and support throughout their pregnancy journey.

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